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Welcome to the site of ACW star J-Cash!

Here you may experiance the greatness that is J-Ca$h. Find all all you need to know about the man that is taking ACW by storm. So if I find you worthy, you may look around. By the way, no crippled little boys allowed!


The new Tag Team of Ca$h-Money Inc!
J-Ca$H and J-Money (Triple J) come together with new manager Tommy Roxx to create the best tag Team in ACW history.

What's New?

See J-Ca$h in action!

2/28/03 Updates. Just some basic updates. Check out the new J-Ca$h Chat room. New pictures added. Plus see J-Ca$h's thoughts about Dino, Silas and Louden. Drop a message on the message board and let us know you were here.


Why would 3 long haired boys hang around each other?


It ends on March 8th! It ends at March mayhem! J-Cash and J-Money have the tag team titles in sight. We don't have time for the Transsexual Tirade of Sore-Ass Young, Louden "Ass" Payne and the Crippled Little Bitch. Now IJ-Ca$h demands that after we despose of the garbage once and for all; Cash/Money Inc. should get a shot at the very good and deserving tag champions. P.S, you still wouldn't be "Louden Pain" is you could just get Silas to use some K-Y Jelly! I be playin you fools like a everyday $2.00 Trick. 


Screw Job!!


At ACW Title Town Takeover 5, J-Ca$h was screwed by that 3 Minute Warning pin cushion Dino Bambino. What kind of name is that; sounds like you are the love child of a dinosaur and a deer? Anyways, his title would be around J-Ca$h's waist if he had not "pleasured" the referee for his favor before the show. Its not J-Ca$h's fault! J-Money (Triple J) was just holding up the title to show Dino how good it looks with Cash/Money Inc, when Mr. Short Bus tripped into the belt. Next time Dino see's J-Ca$h in the ring,  J-Ca$h might not let him leave with that belt or that pretty face.


"That's Right" Ca$h-Moneys very own J-Ca$h.


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Don't matter if you are man nor beast, get in J-Ca$h's way, you'll be leaving in a bodybag!