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Past columes and bits of info from the man!

Interveiw from Dec.2002


This is an exclusive interveiw with J-Ca$h. 


Webmaster: Describe your relationship with Kory Idol before the accident?


J-Ca$h: Well, before his so called accident, J-Ca$h and Kory Idol were tag team partners on our way to ACW superstardom. Well, at least J-Ca$h was, Kory was just clinging to my coattail trying to hang on for the ride. Face it, Kory Idol would have been a nobody, a jobber, without J-Ca$h. The only recognition he ever got then or now is from being associated with J-Ca$h. I mean really, he only got the name Kory Idol because ACW fans could actually aspire to be like someone as average as Kory. Just look at me, in ring and out, I am the best all around wrestler to come out of the dojo, or wrestling period.


WM: So youre saying it wasnt an accident?


J-$: Prior to his accident (at this point J-Ca$h has a disturbing grin on his face.) J-Ca$h was taking the tag team out of the dojo and into the ACW tag title race. Then jealousy reared its ugly head. Kory Idol was always jealous of the pure natural ability of J-Ca$h and decided to try to impress the dojo instructors by challenging J-Ca$h to a one on one match. Now J-Ca$h seen this as a problem in the long run and decided to end our partnership permanently. Now J-Ca$h did exactly what he set out to do. J-Ca$h locked on the styles clash and sidelined Kory Idol for good with a broken neck. Now if J-Ca$h would happen to take his manhood or his life in the process, so be it! J-Ca$h is from Sacramento, CA. J-Ca$h is from the hood, grew up hard and knows what to do to get the job done when need be. When it comes to the bling (money) nothing else matters, including a life.


WM: What were you intentions when you saw and approached Kory Idol at ACW: Homecoming?


J-$: While walking to the ring J-Ca$h noticed Kory Idol in the crowd. Knowing his neck is still broke J-Ca$h wanting to show him he had no business showing his face at the house Merc. Built! You see when he was laying on the mat at the dojo with his neck snapped, J-Ca$h warned him never to show his face in ACW again. So I gave him one final warning.


WM: So if you could say one thing to Kory Idol, what would it be?




WM: Before the interview you mentioned something to me about a conspiracy. Would you like to elaborate?


J-$: Basically this. Jason Jerry has no control over his referees, as you know at homecoming with the whole weasel and the tag team title situation; they are all punk ass, bitches. J-Ca$h is thinking Jerry must randomly select a moron out of the crowd to referee his next show. With the I.Q. of the average Green Bay wrestling fans, they are lucky to be able to count the 1, 2, 3.  At Staying Alive J-Ca$h had a match against Silas Young, if you can call it a match. At the moment J-Ca$h about to hit the Cash Flow, Derek St. Holmes leaned over to tell J-Ca$h that his bitches were waiting for me in the parking lot, so put this punk out of his misery. Then the Raging Dumbass the referee calls for the DQ. So J-Ca$h finished the job on Silas Young and then finished the night parting with Cub Elite and that group of hos. So that brings us to Homecoming. Hammers, Loker and Green started to whine about something, damn if J-Ca$h knows what there problem was. It leads to a six-man tag that was an easy win for Merc, Cash and Holmes. In fact, it was so easy that Superstar put his career on the line. Then comes your everyday Packer fan and Green Bay low life, Jason The Bonehead Doreen, who under the instruction of Jason Jerry screwed Club Elite and ended the career of Superstar Mike Mercury. Jason Jerry knew that Club Elite was going to destroy the new ACW, like they did the old ACW.


WM: What are your plans now for Jason Jerry and ACW?


J-$: Too start with Jason Jerry knew the only way to further destroy Club Elite is to suspend Derek St. Holms. Well that leaves J-Ca$h. J-Ca$h isnt worried about what Jason Jerry will do. Its only a matter of time until the Vinnie Macs and J Jarretts of the world come knocking down J-Ca$hs door. ACW is just like Jason Jerry, it aint SHIT, its fans ain't SHIT, and its town ain't SHIT. ACW is only a small stepping stone in the career of J-Ca$h and when J-Ca$h is done with ACW, J-Ca$h will sideline it just like Kory Idol.

J-Ca$hes thoughts on Silas "Sore-Ass" Young.
They want me to beat this punk up again? How dare they call Silas Young a Dojo student. Silas Young is more likely from the dojo beauty school. They take this little boy out of the gay bars of Green Bay, slap some lip stick and blush on him and call him a wrestler? Shit, J-Ca$h went through a year of hell being trained by a wrestling mastermind Mike Mercury. Think about that "Sore-Ass" Young, before you get in the ring with J-Ca$h!

More Jokes?!
Listen up, J-Ca$h is sick of "Sore-Ass" Young. First you cheat me out of a victory at Winter Warfare. Then you and your girlfriend Louden Payne cheat me out of my revenge on the crippled little bitch Kory Idol. Finally i will give you some advice. Best stay out my business at Algoma and second, you wouldn't be "Louden Pain" is you could just get Silas to use some K-Y Jelly! HA

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