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Backyard Brawl XVII
Saturday June 19, 2004


Promo: Rob Messiah/Shane Hunt

Rob came out to introduce the show and to present Ares with his new Cruiserweight Championship. Ares said that he proved that he could do it without cheating. All of a sudden Shane's music hit and he came out. He asked where his presentation was, after all he won the World Title. Rob said he didn't deserve one because it took three Trinity members to beat up Craig in a row for Shane to win that title and Shane can never win on his own. Ares got in Shane's face for ruining his moment when Shane nailed Ares in the head with his World Title.. completely knocking the Cruiserweight Champion out. Shane then issues an open challenge to anyone that wanted to face him for his World Title. Hostility came out and accepted the challenge.

Pictures on a Pole Match:
Rocky Madrox defeated Polish Luchador in a pictures on a pole match

After the match, PL's campaign manager Freak pleaded with Madrox to look closely at the pictures when he discovered they were fakes created by the Bush campaign to smear PL's campaign. Madrox refused to show the pictures after looking at them again and in response Polish Luchador apologized for his comments about Canada...

-Snake Ey3z defeated Craig Covenant with the interference of Timothy Mecca and his valet

Cruiserweight Title:
Ares defeated Damon Knight to retain the pF/FVWA cruiserweight championship

During the match... Wonder stood at ringside... apparently scouting Damon Knight.

Kale defeated Blue Devil in a hardcore rules match

Before the match Kale let us know that Destruction had attacked Ric O' Shay, and broken his face... Kale also informed us that Wolf had been taken care of by LCN, for not protecting O' Shay

AJ Malice defeated J-e-T and Brent Anderson for #1 contendership for the pF/FVWA Cruiserweight Championship

Before the match, J-e-T and Damnum made it very clear they were out for La Cosa Nostra, not only to get Keithbot 5000 back... but to take their titles as well...

Assassin defeated Wonder via SharpShooter submission, after Wonder called Assassin out, blaming him for his loss at Domestic Disturbance

FVWA Tag Titles:
La Cosa Nostra defeated The Scoot & Touchdown to retain the FVWA Tag Team Championship

Timothy Mecca defeated Hart Attack & "Dandy" Dan Slater in a 'Rob Messiah appointed' 3 way dance

Tim Mecca and Dan Slater formed an alliance during the match up, turning it into a handicap contest. Craig Covenant made the save for Hart Attack, after being cheated out of his match earlier by Tim Mecca. Commissioner Rob, who had booked the match to get back at Tim because the attack he made on Rob at the last show tore Rob's Labrum and will keep him in in a sling and in rehab for 6 months,  signed a 2 on 1 handicapped match for next show, featuring Craig/Hart Attack vs. Timothy Mecca... with one arm tied behind his back to show him what Rob has to go through this Summer.

Mid-Valley Title:
Dredd defeated Sean Gotti
to retain the FVWA Mid-Valley Championship

La Cosa Nostra and Kale were barred from ringside by Commissioner Rob Messiah

World Title:
"The Best" Shane Hunt defeated Hostility to retain the FVWA Championship

After being attacked by the Trinity in the beginning of the show, an injured Ares ran to ring, only to fall unconscious due to his head injury, before he could get at the Trinity.





Commissioner Rob comes out and introduces the show and says after weeks of investigation, he knows now who attacked him and he will receive a receipt later on that day's show.

Domestic Disturbance Battle Royal:
This 20 man Battle Royal saw Hart Attack draw #1, Touchdown draw #20, Kale was eliminated by a new girl wrestler named Vampira, and an astonishing ending. JET thought he threw Shane Hunt out, but Shane noticing this went through the middle rope and acted as if he was thrown out. JET went over the top rope celebrating and Shane got back in the ring thus surprising everyone and handing Shane the win and leaving JET distraught and shocked.

Cruiserweight Title Semi-Final:
Ares defeated AJ Malice
Ares won with the Best Damn Frog Splash in the Business, after AJ missed a frog splash of his own.

Special Challenge Match:
Brent Anderson defeated Rich Sontag
Rich challenged Shane to a match, FVWA title or not and Brent came out and said in order to get to Shane, he had to beat him. Brent won the match when he reversed the skid row, grabbed the tights and rolled Rich up for a pin.

Cruiserweight Title Semi-Final:
Justin Sane defeated Snake Ey3s
Snake Ey3s had offense for most of the match and hit a ropeflip moonsault at one point, but Justin recovered and hit his Shock Treatment finish to put Snake Ey3s away and advance to the finals of the Tournament.

Hardcore Title Match:
Destruction defeated Kale
Destruction won the Hardcore title from Kale when he powerbombed Kale through a table wrapped in barbed wire and the Referee determined Kale unable to continue.

Four Way Mid-Valley Title Match:
Dredd (Champ) defeated Tim Mecca, Wonder, and Assassin
Dredd retained the Mid-Valley title when he pinned Wonder. As Dredd went for the pin Tim Mecca attempted to slide in and break the count, but Rob grabbed his leg and pulled him out of the ring, thus revealing that Tim Mecca was the one who attacked him. As Rob was about to nail Tim, Eric Mecca hit Rob from behind and Eric and Tim Mecca destroyed Rob's right shoulder.

Tag Title Strap Match:
La Cosa Nostra defeated Blackout
LCN won their second FVWA Tag Championship in a brutal strap match. Sean Gotti blasted Blackout with his strap on the outside which left bloody welts on the backs of both men (Hostility in particular). Ric O'Shay's straps to LCN didn't seem as hard as they should be and it made sense afterwards as Ric O'Shay revealed his new alliance with LCN as he left Blackout in the dust. Blackout, upset about losing their titles and their manager in a matter of seconds seemed frustrated and pushed each other around. Who knows what lies in the future of the once bright team, Blackout...

pF/FVWA Cruiserweight Tournament Final:
Ares defeated Justin Sane
Ares showed a lot of intestinal fortitude by beating both AJ and Justin (SuperCard XIII's main event match) in one day to capture his first pF/FVWA Cruiserweight Title. He won the title after escaping a Shock Treatment and hitting "The Best Damn Frog Splash in the Business".

FVWA World Championship:
Shane Hunt defeated Craig Covenant
Shane got his title shot after winning the Domestic Disturbance Battle Royal. He had to overcome Craig's unbelievable guts and desire to win the title after Craig had entire patches of his hair ripped out, took a brutal DDT off the ropes which hurt his neck, and then took a vicious Blue Thunder Powerbomb from the top rope which finished him off. Shane has now won his 7th major Backyard Wrestling World title, and first FVWA World Title.


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