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Damnum's Bio

Here are some numbers and facts to mess with your head.


Damnum's Bio

6' 1"
 215 lb.
Face/ Heel: 
Appleton, WI
8 years
Ring Music:
Korn "Falling away from Me"
Damnation (modified Dragon sleeper)
"End of Days" Powerbomb
Tilt-a-whirl front slam
Gut wrench "anything"
Standing Senton
Title History: 13
-1x Pf Tag Team Champion
-1x FVWA World Champion
-SMWF World champion  (1998)
 -2x SMWF IC champion (1998 and 1999)
-2x XwL Blood N' Guts Champion (2001)
-3x XwL Tag Team Champion (2001)
-XwL International champion (2001)
-XwL World Champion (2002)
-BWR Hardcore Campion (2002) *Title was merged into BWR X-Tream Title

List of Top 15 Matches in my Carrer!

1. Damnum v.s Pissed Off Paul at the XwL arena for the XwL Blood n Guts title
2. Damnum, J-Ca$h, COD, Pissed Off Paul in a 4-way dance at the XwL arena
3. Damnum v.s "The Best" Shane Hunt "Cripler Match".
4. Damnum v.s COD in there last match together for the XwL World title.
5. Damnum v.s Rich Sontag FVWA "WrestleRiot"
6. Damnum v.s Bishop, BWR Revolt
7. Damnum v.s AJ Malice at Pf Supercard XI.
8.Damnum v.s J-Cash for XwL title.
9 Damnum v.s Freak, The First Fight
10. Damnum v.s Tim Mecca winning the XwL World title.
11. Damnum v.s Pyscho Craig, Halloween Scream II
12. Damnum v.s Brent Anderson, FVWA Doomsday
13. Damnum v.s JET "NHB" FVWA BYB14
14. Damnum v.s Tim Mecca "2/3 fall Tables match" Halloween Scream 3
15. Damnum v.s Shane Hunt BWR World title.


Fox Valley Wrestling Alliance, Real wrestling, No Bull Sh*t