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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.

   I started wrestling in 1995. I started a fed with Pissed off Paul. The fed was known then as A&M Entertainment. In 1998 the fed reformed as the SMWF. SMWF featured legends of Appleton area Backyard wrestling like Pissed Off Paul, Jobber, J-Pac, Koz, Ben "The Nugget" Thurdell (not nugget from AWF), Sprot and many more. The SMWF disbanded in 2000, but not before I had claimed 3 world and 1 IC title reigns.
    In 2001 I joined the XwL out of Appleton. This fed read like the best of the new era of Appleton BYW talent. COD, J-Ca$H, Superballs, Pissed Off Paul, Destruction, Freak, RAS and many more. I held 1 world, 1 International, 3 tag team, and 2 Blood N Guts titles in XwL. As the politics became too much to handle in 2002, I joined up with some new/old friends in Oshkosh and joined the BWR. I have held the now defunct BWR Hardcore title.
   My most memorable matches so far were against Pissed Off Paul, COD, Shane Hunt, Bishop and Destruction. I am most known for my brutal Hardcore matches of late 1999 and late 2001. These matches took years off my carear. In late 1999 the Pissed off Paul/Damnum fued closed in a IC title match. This match featured Paul being impaled in the back of his leg by a folding steel chair and me receiving brusied ribs.
     In late 2001 Paul/Damnum fued continued with Damnum defending the XwL Blood n guts (Hardcore) title v.s Paul. That match was named "match of the year" in 2001 for XwL. I see:  standouts for my career in 2002 being  1. My BWR world title match against "The Best" Shane Hunt at BWR: LAST MAN STANDING. 2. My 2/3 falls tables match for the XwL title against Destruction. At Supercard 12 I I met a couple of old friends from the past. SMWF's very own Pissed Off Paul and J-pac face me in a hardcore triple-threat. It wasn't my best match ever, but it is one of my favorite's. Now with the death of the BWR I look to the future. I have formed the Fox Valley Wrestling Alliance. With a mix of great wrestlers like Brent Anderson, Tim Mecca, Freak, Heretic, Chris Mecca, Destruction and many more. The FVWA will turn some heads in 2003
At FVWA Doomsday 2003, Damnum made history by winning the first ever FVWA World Title. Damnum has continued to have great success in the FVWA, but has yet to recapture a Title.
Damnum joined the Legendary Psycho Federation in Jan. of 2004. Since then he has capturd the PF Tag Team Title with Rich Sontag.Damnum now can be seen in both FVWA and Pf!

Current Champions.

"The Best" Shane Hunt


La Cosa Nostra (Little Nick and C.Gambino)